My Secret Garden..

Today I put away the Christmas ornaments, and started day dreaming about spring. Yup, already. Even though it is only umm Jan. 2nd. I have my notebook, and will have my sketches and lists soon I am sure. Ordered some seed catalogs, and added a few websites to my faves. I am also am seriously considering taking the Alaska Master Gardener’s course online, which is something I didn’t realize until today, is offered as a correspondence course.  Now that I am a property owner, the idea of being able to accomplish all the things I used to just day dream about, gives me so much hope and happiness. I just pray that my body and health will be able to keep up with my dreams and aspirations. I do know it certainly feels good to get out there and play in the dirt, though my activities can sometimes be limited, Aron my oldest son has always been so helpful. And once a nice  greenhouse and above ground waist level raised beds are put in, there won’t be anything stopping me.  I have enough glass windows saved up that a good sized greenhouse shouldn’t be an issue. I need to look into a steel water holding tank for the summer, so I don’t have to worry about hauling water constantly, being that we have not drilled a well as of yet.

I am very hopeful and looking forward to the New Year.  I have started my own online Etsy store and feel confident, that I will be successful doing what I enjoy. Though times are difficult right now and uncertain, I have peace that all will be just fine. And I look forward to spending sometime this summer in my secret garden. Making a dream of mine come true, one baby step at a time.

Love Always~ *Kelly*


My goodness, in the land of interwebs, you have a lot of choices. Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, WordPress, Google+, etc. etc. And now you can link em all together. I am linked folks, find me, add me, network with me. Happy 2012.. Let the year of the Dragon begin!

Love Always, Kelly

Wow… 2010 already…

Well Everyone, I have had one hell of a 2009… So much has happened, and so much has changed..
I will have to go into it a bit later…
But I am sure am looking forward to 2010…